1. Verb: find an answer to, explanation for, or means of effectively dealing with (a problem or mystery)

Small Business WHS Risk Management

  • 24/7 Phone advice for small businesses in relation to WHS issues
  • Task-specific risk assessment and development of sustainable processes for managing emerging WHS hazards
  • Safety coaching for small business leaders
  • Mentoring for field leadership in relation to WHS
  • Collaborative contractor management

Safety Advice for Contract Tenders | Offshore Oil & Gas

  • Assistance with tendering for offshore oil and gas work: ensure your safety management processes and business systems are suitable to manage risk in the Australian offshore oil and gas sector

Management Systems Simplification

  • Simplify complex management systems to improve engagement better manage workplace risks
  • Develop or simplify effective processes for WHS risk management

Prevention Solutions

  • Expert advice on complex musculoskeletal disorder prevention
  • Human factors analysis and prevention strategies
  • Big data trending for prevention